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Welcome to the Woodfield Facilities
Maintenance Package

This information is to help you to use the services we provide under your contract. It also sets out those functions for which you and your company are responsible. Please read the contents carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

You need to select a franchised dealer of your choice for your make of vehicle where it is best for you. Please instruct the servicing dealer your vehicle is a Lease vehicle and to use 1Link to authorise repair.

Other services are listed within this document for your convenience.

It is important that the servicing dealer records the service history in the vehicle manufacturers service record booklet or digital service record this will also help in planning the next service date.



Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance is covered by your maintenance contract and should be handled by your designated franchised dealer who will carry out:-

  • Servicing as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Repairs and replacement parts as necessary ( Please note that the supplier will need to seek approval from us before proceeding with any work over and above routine servicing for which the cost is likely to exceed £100).
  • The servicing dealer must use the 1Link system for authorisation.

The following costs are not covered:-

  • Oils and washer solution between servicing
  • Engine tuning
  • Washing or valeting
  • Punctures, early replacement of tyre due to puncture, run flat or damaged tyre. A proportion of the remaining tread will be recharged.
  • Bodywork, trim, glass, lights and mirrors

Failure to have the vehicle serviced at the intervals prescribed by the manufacturer may lead to damage and invalidation of the vehicles warranty. In that event any costs will be passed on to your company.


Tyres and Batteries

The condition of your tyres affects your safety and is your responsibility:-

Check the tyre pressures regularly and inspect the condition of the tread.

Where there are signs of uneven wear you should ask your servicing dealer or one of the recommended tyre suppliers, to check the tracking.

The replacement of worn tyres as a result of faulty tracking, incorrect tyre pressures or damage (run flat / sidewall damage) will be recharged.

We cannot accept charges for work arising as a result of the jacking equipment being incomplete.

Battery replacement must only be supplied by your servicing dealer or by one of the specialist suppliers.

A list of our approved tyre and battery suppliers appears below.


Visit Kwik-Fit web site
Visit ATS Euromaster web site

Tyres and Battery Suppliers

Any Branch of :-

Click on logo's to access web sites



Please ensure that anti-freeze is maintained by the servicing dealer to the recommended level and strength prior to the onset of the winter period. Any charges incurred through negligence on this point will not be accepted and will be forwarded to your company.



Windscreens & Window Damage

In the event of damage you should contact your fleet department or consult your insurance policy.


The Manufacturer of your new vehicle will provide an emergency breakdown service (this can be for different number of years). You will find the procedures and phone number in the owners handbook. You will be sent an AA Fleet Rescue Card once the vehicle manufacturers cover expires if your contract includes breakdown cover.

AA Fleet Rescue

AA Fleet Rescue covers

  • Roadside Assistance:- Minor repairs and adjustments which can be carried out at the road side.
  • Relay:- Where a repair cannot be carried out within a reasonable time, recovery of the car to the nearest franchised dealer or onward transportation of the vehicle and the driver and up to four passengers to home, office or destination in the UK
  • Telephone Message to home, office or destination.

These services are available 24 hours per day and 365 days

In case of breakdown you should be ready to provide:-

  • Make, Model and Registration number of your car.
  • The membership number on your membership card.
  • Your location.
  • The nature or cause of the problem.


Reimbursement of Repairs

There may be instances where it is necessary for you to pay for minor repairs carried out where no credit arrangements exist. Where this happens please arrange for your company to send the bill on to us for reimbursement. Any reasonable expense for items covered by your contract will be met.


Road Fund Licences

Renewal of road fund licences will be carried out, and a letter confirming that your vehicle has been re-taxed will be sent to your company. You can also check online at www.vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk or telephone Woodfield Facilities Fleet Control 01923 257733.


Fines and Fixed Penalties

Fines and fixed penalties are the responsibility of you or your company. As owners and registered keepers of the vehicle we will, if called upon, supply to the authorities any details required and in the event that fines and penalties are not paid, seek reimbursement plus an administration charge.



It is important that you comply with existing and new legislation covering the car and its use. We will be pleased to assist with the interpretation of new legislation if required.



The responsibility for effecting full comprehensive insurance cover for the car throughout the period of the hire rests with the hirer of the vehicle.


Fitting of Accessories

Accessories may only be fitted with prior approval of Woodfield Facilities and will only be considered if the car is to be returned with the accessories or if your company agree to meet the cost of making good any damage arising from the removal of them. Tow bars where approved must be fitted by one of the servicing agents or a specialist supplier.



Accidents involving personal injury or damage to other people's property must be reported to the police.


End of contract condition of vehicle

The vehicle should be made available for collection with all the accessories and equipment it was supplied with, in good repair and condition commensurate with age and mileage.

Towards the end of the contract a letter to remind you that the contract end is near and a list to help you check the vehicle condition.

We work with the help of the BVRLA fair wear & tear guide. A copy of this guide can be obtained by contacting Woodfield Facilities.

Please call our fleet control on 01923 257733 or email fleetcontrol@woodfieldfacilities.com



Overseas Travel

Subject to any conditions laid down by your company, it is necessary to obtain from us a letter of authority and a Department of Transport Vehicle on Hire (VE103) document to take the vehicle abroad.

The request for these documents should be made in writing by the person controlling the vehicles within the hiring company. You should allow 14 days before the date of travel and include the following information:-

  1. The driver's full name and address as shown in their driving licence. (The address in the licence and on the VE103 must be the same)
  2. Make, Model, and registration number of vehicle.
  3. Countries to be visited.
  4. Address to which the document is to be sent.

Please either email your details to fleetcontrol@woodfieldfacilities.com or call 01923 257733 and ask for a V103 Form.

When visiting European Union Countries a Green Card is not essential but does provide international evidence of insurance. In other countries a Green Card is essential if you are to avoid paying local insurance prior to entry. Your Green Card should be obtained from your company insurers.

We would remind you that the maintenance, servicing and replacement vehicle facilities do not normally apply whilst your car is out of the United Kingdom.

Some manufacturer's warranty and emergency services will cover the vehicle whilst it is in Europe. You should check this in the vehicle handbook.

If your vehicle is not covered for European motoring by the manufacturer providing emergency service, you can be provided with an AA Fleet Europe cover at the time of requesting the form VE103 for an additional fee.


AA Fleet Europe

We can provide AA Fleet Europe provides breakdown assistance recovery of the vehicle, alternative travel and, subject to the limits set by the AA at the time of travel, accommodation.

Extended cover i.e. Personal Travel Insurance for all occupants is available at additional cost.


Notes for the Servicing Dealer

Ensure that maintenance is the responsibility of Woodfield Facilities If it is a full maintenance contract please observe the following:-

  1. All services must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule.
  2. Before proceeding with any work, other than routine servicing, where the cost will exceed £100, prior authority must be obtained by 1Link. Or alternately call our Fleet control on 01923 257733
  3. All invoices must quote the relevant order number and be addressed to:- Woodfield Facilities Limited, Milcars Building, Otterspool Way, Watford, Herts. WD25 8HL
  4. We, as fleet operators, expect you to make a warranty claim wherever applicable. Where an abnormal event occurs after the manufacturer's warranty has expired and a claim has been submitted please endorse your invoice with the claim number and our contract number as shown on the identification card held by the driver. All parts replaced should be retained to facilitate the claim.
  5. Speedometer mileage readings MUST be quoted on all invoices in order to ensure prompt payment. If the speedometer head is replaced the original mileage should be reported to us and we would be grateful if you could advise us whenever this is done under warranty.
  6. Please invoice all parts less our fleet operators discount.
  7. Except by specific prior arrangement we will not purchase the following items and they should not be included in your invoice:-
    • Oil additives
    • Synthetic engine oil unless recommended by the manufacture
    • Touring Kits
    • Workshop sundries
    • Rotation of road wheels
    • Topping up oils
    • Garaging and storage
    • Car hire
    • Accident repairs including stone damage
    • Pre holiday checks
    • Engine bay washing
    • Engine tuning between services
    • Petrol
    • Washing and valeting
    • Puncture repairs.

    Note for servicing dealer.
    It is important that the service history records are updated in the manufacturers service record booklet or digital service record.



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